Meditation Candle – Sea Salt and Sage Scented Soy Candle For Chakra Alignment – Large Soy Candle in a Kraft Box Price: $22.99 (as of 28/01/2023 00:12 PST- Details)

12 OZ SEA SALT AND SAGE SCENTED CANDLE: Made with highly scented sea salt and sage oils to help you meditate and align your chakras by restoring and balancing your mind and body. This handmade candle is made with 100% natural soy wax and it is hand decorated with sea salt.

SEA SALT SCENT BENEFITS: What is more pure than the smell of the ocean? People claimed that the salty fragrance of the ocean boost your mood, improves your sleep, relax your muscles and help you maintain a peaceful state of mind.

CHAKRA ALIGNMENT: What does it mean? It simply means making your chakras rotate clockwise. The word “Chakra”(cakra) meaning wheel in Sanskrit refers to the energy points in our body. These, at the same time are associated to bundles of nerves, organs and specific areas in our energetic body that affect our physical and emotional being. One way to align them is through meditation.

SAGE FOR CHAKRA HEALING: the word sage in Latin, means healing. It is used to align our chakra; it promotes overall health and purification. The fragrance of sage burning is linked to getting people into a more positive mood by releasing stress and anxiety.

NATURAL: All our candles are 100 % natural, home made and hand poured in the USA by using 100% first quality soy wax, making them bio-degradable and eco-friendly. We encourage people to also recycle this glass jar once the candle is consumed.

STRONG SCENTS: We only use oils that are made specifically for candles in order to get the best experience possible out of each fragrance.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE: All our candles are tested periodically to assure customers a nice and clean burn for many hours. We recommend not burning them for more than 4 hours at the time. Once you light it off, put back the lid and it will be ready for next time.


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